From the Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team have been busy creating resources tailored to the needs of our students, parents/guardians and staff. Weekly updates from Diane Hall our School Counsellor (MBACP) and the team can be found below:

Term 4 

Term 5

With so many of our body clocks out of our usual patterns, students may want to access information on Sleep Hygiene on:

W:drive/Other School Groups/School Counsellor.

Additionally, you could follow the webcast from Ciaran Hurley, which also includes useful links to other sources of support in the text below the videos.

The goal for positive psychology is to increase resilience, build happiness and with this a sense of wellbeing. Print the resource below to choose three cards to work on a day. This can be used alongside journaling if this is something already in place, or as a prompt to start journaling - why not give it a go? 

Term 6

As preparations are underway to start the gradual re-opening of school, much of the Wellbeing Team's work is moving towards 1:1 support for individual students, parents/guardians and staff. However, there will still be information posted here to support us all, and if you require 1:1 support, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Wellbeing Team in the usual way.

Please visit the website below to view helpful parenting tips from some famous faces. The NHS have produced a series of short films to help families when relationships and home life start to feel under pressure due to the daily stresses and strains of coping with lockdown:

If you are finding life's challenges a struggle to juggle at times, try using: Balancing or Resilience to help put things into perspective.

Week 4

As more of us venture back to school or work, we are moving into unknown territory. You can find the new routes around school, systems in place and part-time timetables on: .

It is quite normal to feel worried or anxious about what lies ahead. It may help to share your feelings with friends, family or school staff - talk through your concerns. We are all in this together. Help is also on hand from Ciaran with his latest YouTube video: Embracing Uncertainty

Week 5

"The door is always open, for you to take the first step."

The QEHS Counselling Service has recently relocated to room C3 in College House and Diane has been busy furnishing the room. From September you will need to go to College House Reception to attend.  The Counselling Service will continue for all students and staff to access throughout the summer break on Mondays only (with the exception of the August bank holiday). Diane can be reached by email or Google Hangouts in the usual way.

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