Years 7, 8 and 9

Key Stage 3 students will be set My Maths on a two weekly cycle.

Any tests missed will be available on Google Classroom or the student shared area W:Drive.

Additionally, all revision materials for Year 9 students will be on Google Classroom.

Year 10

Students should use the text book on Kerboodle to prepare for, then do the Kerboodle online tests.

There are additional resources to use on Google Classroom.

Year 11

Students can find GCSE exam papers and mark schemes on the W:Drive shared area.

Use Kerboodle online tests, the text book and the homework book to support revision. If students need further support they can contact teachers via Google Classroom or email.

Year 12

Use Kerboodle online tests. The Year 12 consolidation test and further work will be available on Google Classroom.

Year 13

Students should see the W:Drive shared area for A Level past papers, mark schemes and the kerboodle tests.

There are optional Kerboodle online tests to support revision.

Staff will offer support through Google Classroom, so please check emails regularly.