Assessment, Recording & Reporting

Click here to view the current Parent Student Recording and Reporting Calendar 2020-21.

QEHS has a clear and structured approach to assessment recording and reporting (ARR). Our full ARR policy is available in the policies section of the website (‘About us’ dropdown menu). Our policy has been written to meet the current guidance from the Department of Education, a link to which is at the bottom of this page.

We carry out the ARR process in order to:

  • Inform us about students' standards at the beginning, their progress through, and their attainment at the end of a key stage in relation to expectations and in relation to their peers;
  • Inform our teaching intervention and support;
  • Inform the information and advice which we give to students and parents about progress.
Student progress

Student progress is assessed using common assessments for each subject. Teachers will use mark schemes and level descriptors to assess the level at which the student is currently performing and to give advice and guidance on how to reach the next level. A list of common assessments for each subject may be reached via the link at the bottom of this page. Progress is reported to students and parents at the end of every long term.


We encourage students to plot their current performance grades on the QEHS flightpath to assess how well they are performing in relation to their end of key stage target grade for each subject. The flightpath is shown below and may also be accessed via the links at the bottom of this page:

Flightpath - new.PNG
We award engagement grades to students at the end of every short term. Engagement is defined as the teacher’s assessment of the degree to which a student engages with learning in a subject both within and outside of the lessons:
Intervention and support

We follow a system for intervention and support based on a student’s grades for progress and engagement: