Curriculum Information


It is the intention that our curriculum challenges and enriches our young people, exposing them, as far as possible, to the wealth of human knowledge, experience and understanding. We therefore plan our curriculum carefully to ensure a broad education for all students throughout the whole of their career at school.

By breadth, we mean:

  • The study of a broad variety of subject areas, with the varying demands upon the mind and body which this provides. This ensures that we deliver over and above the National Curriculum subjects.
  • Broad intellectual development - we expect that students should develop not just knowledge but also skills, aesthetic appreciation and an understanding of concepts and the community they live in at local, national and global scales, as well as appropriate attitudes and values.


This breadth is planned in a number of ways, both in the classroom during timetabled lessons and outside the classroom. In timetabled lessons all students study a wide range of Arts, Language, Humanity and Science subjects alongside English and Maths. Students are expected to continue with Science, a Humanity and a Language to GCSE and most students will also take at least one creative subject alongside these. 

Our Curriculum Map contains a summary of what is taught and when. Further details of courses for GCSE, and the Sixth Form, can be found through the links at the bottom of the page.

There are a wide range of "extra-curricular" activities which add breadth to our curriculum. Most of these opportunities are open to students of all abilities and involve everyone in the year group. Further details can be found in our Curriculum Policy and in our Trips and Visits Policy. Our House System, which is largely student-led, is an important part of the framework through which we plan many of these events and competitions. Where appropriate, we also facilitate participation at county, regional and national level. Further details about our House System can be found here.


Our Curriculum ensures that students leave school with excellent results across a broad range of academic qualifications. They are also intellectually curious, interested and interesting young people who have the skills, values and attitudes that should enable them to go on to lead successful lives outside school.

Changing Curriculum Information

COVID Health and Safety precautions mean that whilst we have maintained the full breadth of subjects on our curriculum, there have had to be changes. These are under constant review, but some examples are a severe reduction in fieldwork and a very limited programme of practical work. We have also had to curtail much of our extra-curricular enrichment programme including many of the House Activities and our usually extensive range of trips and visits. The Technology Curriculum Map which can be seen here provides an example of how we have planned a COVID safe curriculum in a practical subject area. However, because changes are being announced on a regular basis by exam boards and the government, we have not attempted to publish all the updates on our website, (the information would be out of date almost as soon as it went live).

The good news is that we have continued to offer the full range of subjects and focused additional in-school and after-school support sessions on helping students get to grips with work they may have missed during lockdown. We have also invested in a number of online learning platforms aimed at supporting students in their studies. Despite the restrictions we have managed to continue with a number of enrichment activities and have maintained our engagement with a number of extra-curricular activities through provision such as Online Theatre Productions, Virtual Guest Speakers, STEM activities and participation in competitions like the Maths Challenge and the Geographical Association Quiz.

Please contact the school if you have any subject curriculum questions, our team of Subject Heads will be pleased to help.