Exam Results

2019 School Headline Measures

A Level

27% of entries were graded A* or A

54% of entries were graded B or above


The official government figures are yet to be released. The school is however confident that the Progress 8 value added measure will again be positive.

Average Attainment 8 Score 63

Average EBACC score 6.42

Percentage achieving grade 5+ in Maths and English 83.33

It was fantastic to celebrate such good results with all of our students, particularly those who got straight A* grades at A Level and all 9's at GCSE. (Less than 1000 students across the country managed this). Well done to everyone!

2018 School Headline Measures

Progress 8 score +0.26
Average Attainment 8 score 64.37
Average EBACC score 6.09
Percentage achieving grade 5+ in Maths and English 83.24

The DfE figures quoted above and released in October 2018 show that our students made significantly more progress than students of the same ability in other schools. It should be noted that DfE figures are first entry figures and do not include a number of remarks. The actual results achieved are even better than those reported.

To view the DFE Schools performance tables please click here.