For our guide to students absent from school or self-isolating see the document below:

Remote Learning

A recent student survey on our remote learning provision produced many positive comments about the support students are receiving from staff, some of which are highlighted below:


"very helpful and always ready to give advice in between lesson times and give extra support"

"keeping the social aspect of the lesson alive"

"sometimes use interactive whiteboards so we can show what we are doing ... instant feedback"

"really innovative lessons, engaging and fun while still learning loads, going away and doing small tasks in groups, then, coming back to discuss them, and then doing a Quizziz at the end on what we just covered in the lesson or what we’re going to do next lesson"

"lessons have been exemplary in terms of interacting with the class in a question and answer format"

"engaging lessons and advice on how to get through lockdown etc., just a great guiding figure in uncertain times"

"always sticks to lesson times, provides clear instructions on what to do, has very structured lessons so that it is impossible to fall behind, I also feel that I learn a lot with the style of teaching"

"providing the right amount of very engaging work/PowerPoints during lessons, as well as being there to answer any questions just like in the classroom"

"a clear structure to lesson, talk us through tasks, provide lots of resources, encourages us to get involved"