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For any COVID related queries, concerns or information, please email:

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Home Testing Guidance

Report your child’s test result to the NHS here 

Report your child’s test result to school here.

Positive results received at any time must also be emailed to

If your child receives a positive result, your household and any support bubble must self-isolate in accordance with the households with possible coronavirus infection guidance here. A confirmatory PCR test should also be undertaken following positive home test results (this is not necessary for in-school test results). These can be ordered here.

Home test kits issued by school are to be used by the student only. Additional home test kits for others within your household can be ordered here. Alternatively, find your nearest collection point here.

Further guides to testing can be found below:

Video instructions on how to complete a home test are available here.

Additional guidance, and guidance in other languages, is available here.

Four Stages of Self Test

Parent LFD Testing Guide


Wellbeing Support

Please see the article for support from  which includes information on virtual workshops and discussion groups.

Exams Update

View all updates for Exam Information here.

Further Information:

Click the link for: Trips Update Summary

For trips cancelled requiring an insurance claim:

We are in regular contact with the Lincolnshire County Council insurance team who are doing everything they can to ensure that, where relevant, we receive reimbursement as soon as possible to allow us to refund families any monies paid. They have advised, however, that refunds may take several months to process. Please be assured that claims are being submitted where appropriate and LCC are being very supportive at this time. As soon as we can, we will process all necessary refunds.

For trips and activities where an insurance claim is not required:

There are currently limits on the number of refunds which can be processed at any one time on ParentMail, but we will ensure any refunds to be processed are completed as soon as possible.

For those trips still under review:

We are liaising closely with the travel providers and the Lincolnshire County Council insurance team so that decisions can be reached as soon as possible. Even where it is looking very unlikely that a trip will be able to go ahead, we need to ensure everything is in place in order to reimburse parents before approving a cancellation.

In the interim, please continue to make any necessary payments towards your child’s trip. The school must continue to pay travel providers in line with our booking agreements with them. Failure to do so could affect any reimbursement or insurance claim should the trip be cancelled. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.