School Uniform List 2022-23

Certain parts of the school uniform can be ordered from Uniform Direct. Please click here to be taken to their website.

PE hoodies can be purchased here.

Pre-Loved Uniform Store

This year, Queen Elizabeth’s High School is hoping to open a pre-loved uniform store on site where students can donate their old uniforms to then be placed into the store and made available. As it is becoming a government requirement to offer affordable uniforms to students, we would like to open up an area on site where this uniform is accessible to all. This store aims to offer a wide variety of uniforms to students such as: blazers, skirts, PE kits, etc.

We intend for the store to be open at least once a half term as well as school events for example: Open Evenings and school performances.

This will be a student run store and if anyone has any questions please email and the team will aim to answer as soon as possible!