Keeping parents informed

Throughout your child’s time at the school there will be a number of different ways, both formal and informal, which will enable you to monitor their progress.

Satchel One

At our school, we leverage the power of Satchel One to foster effective communication among students, parents, and educators. Satchel One serves as a robust platform that enables us to transparently communicate behaviour updates, sanctions, rewards, and home learning assignments. Through this innovative tool, we ensure that information flows seamlessly between school, parents, and students, creating a collaborative and supportive educational environment. By embracing Satchel One, we empower everyone involved in a student's education journey to stay informed, engaged, and connected.

You can access Satchel One here

Grade Card

This is the way in which the school can keep you informed, on a regular basis, as to how your child is getting on. The information will let you know how your child is working and that they are behaving as we expect, or alert you to any hiccups. The systems that we use in school quickly alert staff to any change in a student’s performance, so that any necessary intervention can be put in place swiftly. You will receive a Grade Card detailing Learner Standard grades six times a year. You can read more about Learner Standards here.

New Parents’ Evening

This takes place a few weeks into Term 1 (you will receive a letter about this in due course) and offers the opportunity for Parents and Form Tutors to swap notes on how the students are settling into school. It is not an occasion to discuss your child’s academic progress as it is far too early for that, but to check that all is well and that your child does not need any help with organisation etc. Parents are asked to make a 5 minute appointment with each child’s Tutor. All Parents are invited but we do appreciate that some families will face a long journey for a brief chat, especially if everything is going well, so you may prefer to contact the Form Tutor by other means.

Parents' Evening

These are an opportunity to discuss academic progress with your child’s subject teachers and we encourage parents and students to meet the staff together. Again, we operate a system whereby parents book 5 minute appointments with subject teachers. All bookings are made through an online system and more information is sent out closer to the Parents’ Evening. The subject meetings are done virtually via the school cloud system.

You can access the School Cloud here

School Report

Reports provide a written assessment of the progress that your child has made against their targets and suggestions for aspects of their work which they will need to address in the future in order to meet new targets.

Exercise Book

In most subject areas, these will contain subject specific information about the levels/grades and skills covered by each topic along with targets and feedback from subject teachers.

Form Tutor

They will have an overview of their progress and well-being in school and can be contacted should you have any specific concerns. Similarly, if you have a specific subject query it is always possible to ask to talk to your child’s teacher.

At the beginning of each academic year you will receive a timetable outlining the times at which these events will occur. It is our aim to ensure that you have regular updates on progress.