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Year 13 & Year 11 Proposed Assessment

Assessment Window 1 dates and timetables have been updated:

  • Year 11: Wednesday 21 April–Friday 30 April. The assessment timetable can be found here.
  • Year 13: Wednesday 21 April–Tuesday 27 April. the assessment timetable can be found here.

Proposed Assessment Window 2 (Hall based):

  • Year 11: Monday 17 May–Wednesday 26 May. Provisional timetable can be found here.
  • Year 13: Wednesday 19 May–Tuesday 25 May. Provisional timetable can be found here.

These dates and timetables are provisional because they are dependent on further government announcements and exam board advice. The school will communicate any changes as soon as they can through students school email accounts.

Summer Assessments 2021

New JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021 can be found here.

2020 Exams

In light of the pandemic, exam certificates from the June 2020 series, (for students who no longer attend QEHS), will be kept safe at school until Royal Mail offer a signed service again with the recipient being able to sign for receipt of the certificates. Individuals can arrange to collect their certificates before this by emailing the Exams Officer, Mrs Boyle on staffjmb@qehs.lincs.sch.uk .

You can now collect your Design and Technology coursework, both the paper and practical elements. Please contact your previous teacher to arrange an appropriate time to collect it.

If you are unhappy with your Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) click the links below:

What to do if you are unhappy with Centre Assessed Grades

Information For Students About Malpractice

Results Days 

A Level results day: Tuesday 10 August 2021 

GCSE results day: Thursday 12 August 2021

Information for Candidates:

Ban on watches in examsAs you may have heard on the news, there has been much discussion about whether watches should or should not be allowed in exams. As a result, and following recommendations from exam boards, we have taken the decision to ban all watches from exams. Please ensure that you leave your watch at home or somewhere safe before any exam, as it will not be allowed in the exam halls.

This rule will take immediate effect and will be implemented in all exams both internal and external.


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