Curriculum Statements

Curriculum Intent:

We offer a broad and ambitious curriculum that:

  • Develops superb disciplinary knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Maximises progress of all groups including vulnerable groups and SEND students
  • Develops cultural capital and skills for life

This means that students have the opportunity both to discover and pursue their own interests, whilst also developing the skills and resilience to improve on areas of weakness. Our education supports every child and young person to grow as well-rounded and responsible citizens who can fulfil their potential and ability to play a positive role in society.

Curriculum Implementation:

We base our curriculum around the four strands of academic, intrinsic, enhancement and elective curricula.

Curriculum Impact:

Progress 8 is a score that is calculated each year by the Department for Education (DfE), for every school, to summarise the progress that students of that school have made in their GCSEs. It is a type of value-added measure, which compares the results of our students to those of other pupils, of similar ability, nationally.

This video has been prepared by The Department for Education to explain Progeress 8:


Building on last year's Progress of +0.33, this year’s progress 8 score for QEHS of 0.39 indicates that students at QEHS make more than a third of a grade more progress, in every subject than students, of similar ability, nationally. 

The graph below indicates that students at QEHS have continually made better progress than students of similar ability at other schools, and that that level of achievement is continually improving. Our Progress 8 figure was negative during 2020, the first year of the Covid 19 pandemic, when QEHS awarded centre assessed grades in line with the ability of our students; national figures were inflated which led to seemingly poor progress by our students. In 2021, the second year of the pandemic, we awarded teacher assessed grades. We ran a rigorous series of internal exams in order to award these grades in a fair manner and our assessments proved to fit our progress grade profile:


Our Progress 8 figure of 0.39 ranks us in the top 20% of schools in England for student progress and ranks us amongst the majority of schools grade Outstanding by Ofsted. 

It should also be noted that 97% of students at QEHS qualify for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualification, the Government’s benchmark qualification for ensuring that students gain a portfolio of qualifications at GCSE that keeps young people’s options open for further study and future careers. Full details of the EBacc are here: Only 30 schools in England achieve

Please find our curriculum policies here. You can read our full curriculum statement and the curriculum statement of each department, below:



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