About the Service

Queen Elizabeth’s High School’s Counselling Service is for all students and staff. Clients can bring any issue to counselling, there is nothing too big or too small. The counsellor is trained to work with many issues people face today including anxiety, loss, separation, anger, relationship problems and fears. The counselling room is located in C3 within College House, (enter through the rear door).

We are very fortunate to have our amazing School Counsellor Diane Hall at QEHS. To find out more about her, click on the photo below.


Referral Procedure

Anyone can make a referral to the School Counsellor. Students may choose to refer themselves. Parents, teachers or students can refer others. This can be done by filling out a referral form and handing it in to the School Counsellor or posting it in the post box outside the counselling room. Alternatively students and staff can communicate, make or change appointments via school email or Google Chat.


Counselling is confidential. All information shared in the counselling room will be treated in a discreet manner. However, the Counsellor may need to share some information with other members of staff to further support a child, this action is taken with the student’s permission and agreed within a verbal contract. If the safety of a student or another person is at risk, confidentiality may be broken but the student will be informed before this happens and the child will remain, at all times, central to the process. Any information sharing will be limited within school to the pastoral Safeguarding Team, although other agencies may need to be informed.

Teaching and Learning

The Counsellor will, at the request of the school community, deliver information to students and staff to further assist their emotional well-being. This will include ensuring that resources and guidance are provided for out of school hours.

Our School Counsellor is Mrs Diane Hall and she is a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

School may recruit therapists who are trainees, this will be explained to the client using the service during their initial session. Welcoming trainees into the school enriches the service that students and staff can access. All Counsellors that are part of QEHS Counselling Service are registered members of BACP and many continue their work at QEHS following qualification.


Where is the Counselling Service based?

The QEHS Counselling Service is located in C3 in College House.

"The door is always open, for you to take the first step."

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Holiday Provision

Over the school holidays Diane will be available remotely on Google Chat offering a support service on a week one, Wednesdays only, from 9.00-15.00. This does not include the Christmas holiday.

Our Skilled Helper APPS Poster can be found here or you may find interesting other avenues of support such as: Selfcare Summer or the YouTube clip: Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You

Active in Mind Student well-being Plan

Self-care is incredibly important. It is about things we can do to look after our own mental health and well-being.

These are evidence-based steps everyone can take to support their well-being for example:

  • Connect with others – talk to sympathetic people about how you are feeling now
  • Be active – exercise changes our emotional state
  • Find something that calms you or makes you feel happy and do it everyday
  • Do something that helps someone else – this could include volunteering
  • Keep learning – remembering that we can develop and grow changes our outlook on life

Review our Counselling Service

Queen Elizabeth's High School's Counselling Service is always looking for feedback. Please use the form below to evaluate your experience. 

QEHS Counselling Service

Mental Health Awareness Week

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